I left beautiful Marseille, South of France, to become a Jersey girl! Mother of 2 amazing teens girls and remarried to a hot Californian crazy man.

Styling for the past 17 years, I got my first job at French Vogue as the assistant of the US Fashion Editor where I experienced my own version of the Devil wears Prada  (tears on Friday back to work on Monday) After 2 years of an amazing experience with Vogue, I decided to become a freelance fashion stylist and live my passion.

I bring impecable style on set and serve many diverse clients including catalogs, advertising, TV commercials, and print.  I truely enjoy being a team player with photographers, art directors, hair stylist s, and make-up artists.  Always very organized and highly experienced I create different wardrobe looks and dress the models often exceeding the clients imagination. All of this while keeping within my set budget.  That's the goal!

My job is to make the client happy in creating beauty in either a realistic or whimsical way! 

Fashion brings a slice of pleasure, a sliver of make believe, and a shaving of audacity to anyone willing to undertake in its ferver.  It's not only a career it's my love, and it's fun!

  • Sophie Colle
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